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ARLA Foods joins Nordic Cleantech Innovation Link


ARLA Foods joins Nordic Cleantech Innovation Link
To boost its open innovation agenda, Arla Foods, the largest dairy group in Scandinavia, has joined Nordic Cleantech Innovation Link, NCI-Link, a leading Nordic cleantech cluster.
Arla Foods is the first company with a Head Office in Denmark to join NCI-Link as industry partner, and the first food business. The company will be focusing on strengthening its food and drink supply chain and widening its product range.
“Arla has set ambitious innovation goals for the coming years. First of all, at least 10 % of our earnings in 2017 must be delivered from new products. Secondly, we want to work smarter and more responsibly. I am convinced that we will find new innovation partners within NCI-Link to extend our market offering and to reinvent some of our key processes,” says Harry Barraza, Head of Open Innovation – Universities & Consortia at Arla Foods amba.
Arla is ready to work with small and medium sized companies to develop new products and technologies. The company is already engaged in an open innovation project with one of the members of the cleantech network.
“We have teamed up with a NCI-Link member company to assess a new disruptive technology that may lead to new organic ingredients, flavours or products; a good example of what we want to achieve with our open innovation strategy – new sustainable products with shorter time-to-market,” Harry Barraza says.
NCI-Link estimates that up to a dozen innovation companies within the cleantech network provide technologies and process solutions that may help bringing Arla closer to its innovation objectives.
“Arla is an ideal industry partner for NCI-Link,” say Ole Jakob Thorsen from ETEQ Venture, the Danish part of the innovation network.
“Arla is committed to drive its innovation process with technology partners in an open innovation context. Also, the company has committed to further strengthen its focus on environment friendly and sustainable products and processes. That’s exactly what NCI-Link can provide. I’m sure that we will be able to assist Arla in finding innovation partners for energy savings, better production processes and new sustainable packaging concepts and ingredients,” he says.
Today, NCI-Link comprises four industry partners and around 80 innovation companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Contact Eteq Ventures: Ole Jakob Thorsen +45 4020 4578

Contact Arla Foods: Harry Barraza +45 874 650 10

Contact Cleantech Inn Sweden: Richard Englund +46 703 791 645

Nordic Cleantech Innovation Link is an independent, non-profit network that brings open innovation to industries searching for clean and sustainable technologies for the future. NCI-Link is run by Teknopol AB and the segment specific accelerator Cleantech Inn Sweden, together with ETEQ Venture in Denmark and OREEC in Norway. Acting without ownership interest in member SMEs, NCI-Link works as a promoter and facilitator to increase business opportunities for everyone—industry partners and member SMEs alike. Our work is funded in part by Nordic Innovation and industry partners.

Arla Foods is an international cooperative. It is the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia, and the fifth largest dairy company in the world measured by turnover. Total number of employees: 19,600 in 30 countries. Total Revenue: 9.9 billion €. Major brands: Arla, Lurpak, Castello. For more information visit:

ETEQ Venture assists startups and high growth businesses developing their full potential. We create value for business ventures in three ways; sharpening strategies, searching for ideal investor(s) and guiding for optimal exits. We are particularly focused on high-tech, cleantech and medtech-venture projects. We also assist corporate and financial investors searching for venture opportunities. ETEQ Venture is the Danish partner of Nordic Cleantech Innovation Link.

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