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Recyctec produce the world’s first Ethylene glycol (MEG) from used glycol

At the Recyctec Holding AB (publ) plant outside Jönköping the first amount of 1000 liter ethylene glycol (MEG) has been processed from used ethylene glycol in the tests performed by the company. The processed ethylene glycol has a concentration of more than 95 %, which has been made possible through a trial run of the final cleaning steps in an up-scaled pilot plant. The glycol is approved by a third party according to the written specifications.

According to the Management the performed trial runs show that the company method works outside the laboratory in the pilot plant together with the other processes. Furthermore this first amount of processed glycol has been approved by a third party. While waiting for the final delivery of machinery and installation the pilot plant will be used, as there is a market for this product through existing distributors.

Ulf Olsson, MD for Recyctec AB comments:
– It is very positive that the method we knew works in a laboratory also works in the same way in a large-scale industrial production. This will make it easier for any future establishment abroad, as we will be able to show a working plant in Jönköping, and this will strengthen our position internationally.

For more information, please contact:
Ulf Olsson, MD
Tel: +4670-6720096