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Paxymer secures EU funding for next generation halogen-free flame retardants

Paxymer AB was one of the few applicants that received financing under the new EU research programme Horizon 2020. The programme finances a small amount of cutting edge companies that have the potential to change their market with positive impact on environment and health in Europe.

Paxymer’s halogen-free technology offers a fully functional and safe alternative to the persistent brominated and chlorinated alternatives that still dominate the market. The flame retardant market worldwide is prognosed to double in the next 5 years to over 10 bn$ in 2020. The product mix is expected to shift in favour of halogen-free solutions. The development is driven by increased safety concerns and standards as well as tougher chemical regulation.

Paxymer technology combines fire safety with functionality and environmental and health aspects. The technology works synergistically with existing halogen-free technologies and improves burning and mechanical properties compared to current technologies. Paxymer will develop a new generation of products during the programme with higher efficiency and better mechanical properties in order to further boost usability of non-persistent technologies.

“We are a company at the forefront within flame retardants. We have a flexible solution with a great potential to eliminate some of the persistent chemicals that are used the most in our society. That is also why our project sorts under the ‘Societal challenges’ in the EU programme.” says MD Amit Paul “Flame retardants is an exciting market with lots of on-going development – it is one of those products that cannot be seen but that almost all of us encounter in our everyday life. That is also why greener and non-persistent solutions need to be developed without compromising on functionality or safety standards of products.”

Paxymer is selling its products for a number of applications already today. The company is involved in a research project supported by Mistra innovation for flame retardant PP-fibres, they deliver compounds to 3Ms welding masks and deliver masterbatch for cable protection pipes.