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OrganoWood Winner of Nordbyggs Gold Medal

OrganoWood-modified wood won Nordbyggs Gold medal for the “hottest new material of the year”. Nordbygg is Scandinavias largest building fair for for building professionals such as architects, cosntruction companies and property owners.

The 10 nominated materials had been selected by a jury from a list of more than 200 new materials. The final decision was made by a a general votation and a votation of the jury. OrganoWood won both the “peoples vote” and the vote from an unanimous jury. The jury was composed of Erik Hellqvist, CEO Svensk Byggtjänst, Peter Söderberg, project manager Nordbygg, Staffan Åkerlund, editor in chief of the buidling magazine Byggindustrin, Oliver Schmidt, the Material library, Jörgen Hallström, communication consultant within society building at Cloudberry, and Monica Björk, CEO at Byggmaterialindustrierna.

OrganoWood® is the next generations durable wood. By mimicking the natural fossilization process in which wood is slowly transformed into mineral, a highly durable and fire resistant wooden material is created.Through the use of the OrganoClick®-technology for modification of biofibers, the speed of the fossilization process has been effectively increased. The silicon-based compounds used in the products are also strongly attached to the wood fibers so that the modified wood can be placed in wet outdoor environments with a very long durability of the wooden materials improved properties. In addition to modified wood OrganoWood is also available as a do-it-yourself surface treatment product.