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Air and water: Zemission


Catalytic burner minimises emissions

Based on a number of patents Zemission intends to be a major league player in catalytic combustion technology aimed at techniques that are environment friendly and sustainable. The company’s mission is to develop, tailor and produce burners for both industry and consumers.

Zemission’s technology reduces hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions to less than 1 ppm; this is so low that it is almost impossible to measure. The technology can be applied to both recyclable and fossil fuels and is both stable and reliable. The company is currently tailoring its burner to be suitable for the heating of both electric and hybrid vehicles. Products with integrated Zemission technology will be available on the market within one year.

Anders Vestin, CEO

Zemission’s catalytic burner minimises or eliminates the emission of environment damaging combustion waste and makes it possible to reduce the temperature for combustion. The system, which is flexible with respect to both fuels and usage, is already on the market for mobile applications. The company sees enormous potential for its product as a key component in plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Cleantech Inn Sweden, 14 January 2011

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