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Nature services: Simris Alg

Simris Alg

Simris Alg is a pioneering agribusiness growing algae in Sweden. We produce unique natural food products and health supplements, and create health and well-being for people, animals and our planet. Our goal is to be a landmark business for the bio-based economy. We are based in Hammenhög on Österlen, close to the sun and sea.


A bicycle ride through the ripening grain fields on Österlen actually says it all. Plants are the basis of the food we eat, the materials we use, and the energy that fuels us. Farming and agriculture are key industries to sustain our lives here on the planet.

Growing algae is a pioneering branch of modern agriculture. As algae farmers, we grow and harvest one of the earth’s most primordial crops: sea-borne plants that invented photosynthesis – the power to harness sunlight, essential to all life on earth.

Algae naturally produce many unique substances, which are essential to human and animal health. Our business is to harness these substances, and deliver highest quality, premium products that give our customers access to these sun-packed gifts of the sea.


As a company, we are an integral part of society. Profit is at the heart of what we do, as is doing good. We create jobs, generate new knowledge, reduce harmful impact on natural resources, and make a difference in people’s lives with our products. We replace unsustainable production methods with truly green and bio-based technologies, in order to ensure growth and profitability in the long term. Through collaborations, we share our know-how with industries and organizations who are serious about making a difference and improving their environmental impact.


A fit and healthy body is a body without restrictions – strong enough to head out for a run, to play with the children, and to withstand stress and disease. For us, health is about enjoying life. To have fun, to feel strong, and to be truly alive.

Health and the environment are interrelated. The food and health products we eat to keep us healthy and strong should not cause depletion of natural resources, and must of course be free from environmental toxins and pollutants. We want to breathe fresh and clean air, drink pure water, and enjoy nature with its stunning views and amazing variety of living species.


It all began with two researchers sharing the same idea, Fredrika Gullfot at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and Tony Fagerberg at Lund University. As PhD candidates, they were both interested in algae as a solution to our society’s major challenges within energy, the climate, and sustainable food production. Despite the intensive development around the world, there was a surprising lack of interest in algae cultivation in Sweden, and the vision was to build a state of the art algae farm to international standards.


The company Simris Alg was founded in 2010 by Fredrika Gullfot, who today is the CEO. Our commercial business started with a number of exciting collaborative projects, where we showed that algae cultivation can make conventional industrial production both greener and more profitable. In parallel, we developed our own farming model, and are now proud owners of a state of the art facility with the latest technology.

We have received great attention both in Sweden and internationally for our efforts, and have been awarded with several prizes and honors. Our core business today is the manufacture of dietary supplements, foods and ingredients that make a difference for both human health and the environment. During late 2013, we expect to launch our first products.