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Saan Energy

Idling trucks waste €5 billion of diesel annually in the US and Europe. In 2007, US implemented an anti-idling policy to reduce idling related costs and emissions; the EU is also bringing in anti-idling legislation. Saan Energi’s proprietary fuel cell technology powers electricity generators on-board trucks that cut idling fuel costs by 60% and emissions by 75%. This leads to €3 billion annual savings and cuts harmful emissions to levels that fulfill the present and anticipated limits mandated by legislation. The median payback period of Saan Eco Cell-based-APU for a truck is 15 months.

Thanks to innovations in materials and cell design, protected by IP, Saan Eco Cell is a major
breakthrough in fuel cells offering

  • High fuel-to-power conversion efficiency, typically of 40% and reaching 60%
  • Resilience to sulfur & carbon, i.e. runs on a wide variety of diesels and other fuels
  • Resistance to impacts and vibrational damage on-board vehicles

Saan Energi has partnered with leading automotive suppliers to install Saan Eco Cells in auxiliary
power units for class 8 trucks which are a €6 billion market. Our production teams are in Germany and Italy. We are consolidating the technology to Sweden in 2013

As a technology company, we recognize diverse market segments beyond the trucking industry where we can add value. These include:

  • APU for boats and ships
  • Decentralized power systems and combined heat and power units
  • Redox batteries and Power-to-gas systems

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