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Air and water: Primozone


Ozone. Clean water. The natural way™

At Primozone we are committed to provide our customers with cost efficient and environmentally friendly ways to clean and treat water with ozone. Our ozone generator and ozone water treatment systems are based on cutting-edge technology and generate far more ozone while using far less energy.

Access to clean water is vital to our health and survival. But making water suitable for drinking and other commercial uses often involves purification methods that are in themselves harmful. Ozone is not only a natural product but also one of the most efficient methods to clean and treat water.

Ozone is formed by oxygen at high voltages, and it is an unstable gas which put simple, means that it quickly reverts to oxygen. This also means that the ozone needs to be generated on site by an ozone generator. Traditionally, ozone generators have be en very large and consumed a lot of energy.

At Primozone we have found an innovative way to make ozone generation efficient and cost effective. Our solution has proven to save up to 70% of the energy consumption compared to conventional ozone generators. Furthermore the Primozone Ozone Generator is its small and has the capacity to generate ozone with a proven high concentration.

At Primozone we also offer customized Ozone Water Treatment Systems and a great amount of knowledge in ozone water treatment for different applications. Primozone is a complete partner in ozone water treatment. The market for water cleaning and treatment is extensive and there is a great deal of different applications. Apart from disinfection of drinking water there are for example large needs for cleaning of process water in the manufacturing industry or treating recirculating water of fish farms.

Anders Schening, CEO