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Materials: Paxymer


Flame retardants save life, but existing solutions dependent on halogens, pose a major threat to our health and the environment. Swedish startup Paxymer AB solves the problem with an efficient flame retardant that controls the burning process, completely free from persistent chemicals.

The flame retardant Paxymer® is free from persistent, bio-accumulating chemicals that spread in nature. It changes the burning behavior of the plastic completely: it eliminates dripping, reduces smoke, is free of asphyxiate gases and lowers the heat release rate. Paxymer® is in the absolute forefront of legislation and already fulfills coming fire and environmental standards where the whole burning process is tested.

Paxymer® is sold as a master batch directly to manufacturers of plastics and plastic components. The master batch limited effect on the mechanical properties and process ability of the base plastic and the compounds are recyclable.

Halogens and other persistent chemicals have been the industry standard as flame retardants in plastics for a long time. The chemicals can be released into the ecosystem when the halogen containing materials are burned or recycled as well as during normal production. Due to their persistent nature these chemicals are not decomposed in the ecosystem but accumulate in ever increasing concentrations. They are carcinogenic and have proven endocrine disrupting effects with severe consequences for humans, wild life and vegetation.


Paxymer AB is a spinout from PP-Polymer, specialists in polymer chemistry with close to thirty years of experience of green product development. PP Polymer initiated the developed of Paxymer® ten years ago in collaboration with  the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. The flame retardant is produced and sold by Paxymer AB since 2009.

Paxymer AB addresses the problem of potentially harmful chemicals spreading in the ecosystem and is a good example of the solutions needed in a sustainable society


Cleantech Inn Sweden March 6, 2012