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Oricane AB is a Swedish company specialized in high end classification algorithms for data communications. Oricane’s patented and award winning technologies uses over 95% less energy, memory and hardware, compared to industry standard. Oricane now launches a new Big Data router, designed to deliver real-time on-the-fly data classification, analysis and reporting of high-velocity Big Data flow, allowing by magnitude faster computing than current industry standard.

Oricane AB, based in Luleå, Sweden, was founded 2006 by Dr. Mikael Sundström after more than 11 years of computer science research in algorithmic engineering, with focus on time and space efficient algorithms for packet classification and forwarding, two methods for handling Internet traffic in network equipment such as routers and firewalls. 1993 Dr. Sundström started his research within the area in order to develop algorithms with guaranteed fast search performance and guaranteed low memory usage, features that many in the industry thought was impossible to combine. Dr. Sundström succeeded and in 2007 published a doctoral thesis with the title “Time and space efficient algorithms for packet classification and forwarding” and filed the first 6 patents for his research. Today Oricane has been recognized as a global leader in this technical area and core technology is protected by 14 awarded patents.

Technology Background

Oricane’s technologies are deterministic, meaning that they are predictable, providing guaranteed fast search performance and guaranteed low memory usage, at the same time. These properties are radically different from other software where performance can be high but non-deterministic, meaning that performance can not be guaranteed, leading to systems that are assigned too much hardware resources, never fully utilized, resulting in more expensive, complex and energy consuming designs. By building a system based on Oricane’s technologies guaranteed performance is achieved combined with economical use of resources in relation to performance. One natural application of these properties is Energy Efficient Software which is the reason why Oricane is marketed as a leading supplier of Green Software.

Target Market Segments

Data Communications: Manufactures of networking and telecommunications equipment

Since 2009 Oricane has delivered on a royalty based license contract to a world leading provider of networking and telecommunication equipment, working on a number of different projects spanning over several product generations. Oricane is providing high performance algorithms featuring over 95% reduction of hardware and power consumption, compared to competitors solutions in the market. For more information about Oricane’s solutions for the Data Communications market please contact Oricane at:

Big Data Analytics: Retail Market, Gaming Industry, and Financial Sector

Leveraging on more than 15 years of experience from designing high performance and energy efficient solutions for the data communications market, Oricane this year launches BioCAM® – a Big Data Router, designed to deliver real-time on-the-fly data classification, analysis and reporting of high-velocity Big Data flows. While primarily targeting gaming, financing and retail market, BioCAM® is capable of classifying and aggregating huge amounts of any kind of high-volume-high-velocity data from multiple sources. Analysis is performed in real-time and the result is available in a standardized format that can be fed into any reporting system of choice. All the above is achieved with minimal hardware resources and rock bottom power consumption.

To showcase the solution and its performance, Oricane has developed a BioCAM® based demo providing reports for a simulated retail store called WhateverMart, Inc., – The Multi-Tera-Dollar Retail Corporation.


The demo features more than 1,500 stores geographically distributed across the globe. Each store holds more than 2,000 different products in more than 30 product categories. In total, there are more than 15,000 unique products when sizes, colors, etc. are accounted for. Products within each category varies somewhat in price, but the prices for different sizes, color, etc. of a product is the same, whereas there are substantial differences in pricing between different product categories. The overall average price of a product is $16. Business hours for each store is 10am-6pm and the time zone of the store location is taken into consideration by the simulator.

During business hours, a new shopping bot, i.e. computer simulated customer, arrives on average every second (with a periodic variation of about ±20%) at each open store and purchases an average of 30 products. The sales record for each individual bot is immediately reported to the BioCAM® instance via a HTTP/JSON Web Service interface. At peak rate, up to 2,300 customers purchasing 45,000 individual products each second is simulated, representing net sales surpassing 500,000 USD per second. There is a dashboard implemented as a client side Java Script which retrieves four different business analytics reports every ten seconds from the BioCAM® instance via the HTTP/JSON Web Service interface and present the data from these reports at

Information and telecommunications technology (ICT) are a building block of a sustainable society. The infrastructure and applications allow us to separate value adding creative growth from the flow of environment influencing resources. It can be argued that ICT is the motor of sustainable development. Oricane’s innovative solution can radically improve the use of time, energy and material usage in ICT by removing the physical obstacles for development.

Cleantech Inn Sweden, 14 January 2011

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