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Materials: OrganoClick


New material inspired by nature

The last 100 years we have developed better and more effective functional chemicals and synthetic materials. Unfortunately, we did not always know the consequences that these substances and materials had on the environment. In many cases, the chemicals and materials have proven to be both poisonous for humans and hard to degrade.

OrganoClick are currently working intensively to reduce the use of poisonous chemicals and harmful materials by developing new functional materials with nature as inspiration. By modification of cellulose fibers, new materials materials are being developed with functions such as water repellence, improved mechanical properties, fire resistance and resistance to fungal decay..

Mårten Hellberg CEO

One of the challenges for the future is to design and produce sustainable materials with respect to long life time and recyclability. OrganoClick offers a solution that can protect and prolong the use of materials in different ways. Wood, textiles and cardboard are protected from water, fire and other external impact using the substance from OrganoClick. Thus, an environmentally adapted alternative can replace many of the present hazardous chemicals.

Cleantech Inn Sweden, 29 March 2011