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Rising and falling tides – an untapped source of energy

If we are to supply a sustainable society with electricity we must capture all sources of renewable energy. The wind, sun and the ocean waves offer huge opportunities as do the currents of water that surge across the oceans of the world.

Deep Green is an electric power station concept that captures the energy caught up in rising and falling tides and ocean currents. The actual power station is a simple construction anchored to the bottom of the sea. It works somewhat like a kite moving in a figure of eight as the currents pull on it. The kite is home to a turbine that allows the water to flow through it at about ten times the speed of the feed current; this system makes it possible to use the equipment in areas that are not suitable for many other solutions.

Following a successful trial period in special basins, Minesto is preparing to launch Deep Green in the sea in 2011. The technology has been built, tried and successfully tested, the next step is to make final adjustments and prove to the market that it works as a cost effective, reliable and sustainable energy source.

Anders Jansson CEO

The demand for energy should not be a problem – there is a surplus of energy particularly solar energy. The moon is a another source of energy, it pulls on the seas and causes tides, and it is this energy that Minesto is learning to capture. The company’s knowhow and experience of aerodynamics and currents that they have gathered from the aircraft industry is being applied to currents caused by rising and falling tides – an untapped source of sustainable energy.

Cleantech Inn Sweden, 14 January 2011

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