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Meva Innovation

From biomass to energy

Meva Energy offers a standardized biomass gasification system designed to produce syngas from solid biomass, for example wood residue. The syngas is typically used for combined heat and power generation (CHP) in a small-scale (0,5-5 MWe) power plant.

CO₂ emissions are quickly becoming mankind’s biggest issue threatening our, and all other species, life as we know it. The ever increasing use of fossil fuel as an energy source increasingly heats our planet through emissions. It is our joint interest, our challenge and our responsibility to reduce the emissions to a sustainable level. Using carefully selected biofuels is one of those sustainable sources of energy. We provide technology for conversion of solid biomass to heat and power. Biofuels, and especially when based on wood residue, provide a green and a CO₂-neutral alternative to fossil fuel and fits right in to existing infrastructure. Our core technology is based on a proven concept focusing on up-time and a minimum of maintenance and it offers the modern energy producer a cost efficient solution meeting the demands of the future.

Gasification of biomass  is an emerging technology now experiencing it´s break-through. Meva has developed The Vortex Intensive Power Process (the VIPP-system), which is at the forefront of this development with the significant competitive advantages:

– Production of syngas with high calorific content
– High electrical and total efficiency in CHP application
– Significantly lower capital expenditure per nominal kW compared with conventional technology despite being small-scale
– Applicability with a variety of biomass fuels, including return wood, saw dust and rice husk



Meva Innovation is in the market of developing systems for supplying electricity and heat to communities using recyclable fuels. The system is built around an innovative cyclone reactor that facilitates gasification and the associated cleaning stage. It is both cost and resource effective and is designed to be a small power and heating plant alternative.

Cleantech Inn Sweden, 14 January 2011

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