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Reduced losses, adaptable and cheaper

Magnetic Components Sweden AB (MagComp) produces electromagnetic products for the benefit of their customers and the environment. The company’s unique technology is used to balance volume, weight and energy to produce more effective and efficient products. Currently the company is facing an exciting time as interest for their products is increasing.

Energy saving, environment friendly

Induction heating is a recognised method of heating but by using MagComp’s new technology it will become even more effective – total efficiency is up by as much as 95%. This is achieved by using an induction heater cast in SM2C® in combination with their electromagnetic drive knowhow. The advantages of using MagComp technology include low energy losses, smaller and lighter units and noiseless machinery. When compared with other heaters such as IR heaters, energy consumption is down by 75% and CO2 emissions can be reduced by hundreds of tons every year in individual applications.

Quality improvements

IToday, there is an ever increasing interest in obtaining energy from solar panels or wind turbines. The need to recycle energy is often discussed as is the increased usage of frequency converters to control equipment. Multiple sources mean that there is an increased need for switching electrical power; it is vital that switching can be achieved simply and effectively without damaging the supply units. The quality of the electricity supply is important in both large and small mains supplies and it is here that MagComp’s inductor – MagChoke® – plays an important role as an electricity filter. A very low loss of iron, high saturation magnetism – as much as 2T, and an independent frequency performance between 50 Hz and 200Hz offers new opportunities for the design of harmonious filters.


MagComp produces and sells induction heating systems and inductors to customers throughout Europe. To ensure the best possible results it also continues with its electric motor and generator research and development based on SM2C® where design flexibility and high power density are important characteristics. MagComp has designed SM2C® so that it is compatible with other materials and can thereby exploit various characteristics as required to get the most from electrical machines. The company also works actively with electrically magnetised electrical machines in close collaboration with Lund University and other Swedish companies.

MagComp is keen to make contact with interested parties who wish to know more about the possibilities of how they can participate in sustainable development.

Fredrik Krantz, CEO


MagComp develops exciting and innovative energy saving techniques for heating (IU). This new production method allows the constructors of engines and generators to rethink their constructions and find new applications for the vehicle industry etc. at both component and system levels. Examples include pump motors, fans, traction engines and generators as well as the opportunity to replace hydraulic and electric motor systems. All this has great relevance for transport systems that are based on combustion engines as well as future systems where hybrid technology will play an ever more important role.

Cleantech Inn Sweden, 14 January 2011

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