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Heliospectra’s mission is to develop and sell efficient lighting systems that provide market leading control of plant growth and quality.

Using Heliospectra’s patented system we can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% in greenhouses while at the same time producing a crop that looks better, tastes better and has a longer shelf-life. In addition growth can be increased or slowed down which results in a controlled adjustment of production to demand. There are other added benefits to the environment such as reduced light pollution and less mercury use due to avoidance of traditional HPS bulbs.

The system will not only significantly lower energy use in the greenhouse industry but improve crop quality to the point which it will allow crops to be economically grown during winter time at northern latitudes. The system finds applications in all sectors of plant growing such as the commercial greenhouse industry (vegetables, herbs flowers), forestry, interior urban landscaping, zoological and botanical gardens, industrial and academic research.

Our vision is to create a complete system including biofeedback where the plants are in essence controlling the light system.  This is based on decades of research in plant fluorescence and biofeedback and protected by our patent portfolio.  As part of our research we are collaborating with the Signals and Feedback Department at Chalmers University of Technology which is sponsored by a research grant from the Swedish Mistra Foundation.

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