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Gasification without waste

Cortus AB is working to develop an innovative and sustainable energy source for power and process industries. The company’s ambition is to be an international market leader in the supply of recyclable energy gasses for industry made from biomass based on the patented WoodRoll® gasification technique. The gasification technique is based on a high degree of efficiency, fuel flexibility and a pure energy gas that has no waste. Cortus offers green energy through the cost effective production of biogas.

Process industries such as steel, paper and pulp and mineral industries demand pure fuels with a high combustion heat value. Coal, natural gas and oil are currently the most common fuels for these industries and because they must be clean and have high heat value non-fossil fuels have a limited value. Alternative fuels have also been disregarded because of their high cost.

Cortus is keen to introduce green energy to process industries based on their new gasification technique for biomass, WoodRoll®. The technique satisfies the two demands which mean that in the long-term it will be cheaper than fossil fuels.

Classic gasification is a one stage process where drying, pyrolysis and gasification all take place in one reactor. WoodRoll® divides this into three distinct processes (drying, pyrolysis and gasification) and uses an innovative heat exchanger to save heat. WoodRoll®’s unique system is the use of the char from the pyrolysis in a gasification process in a reactor so it is heated indirectly. The charcoal gasification uses steam to produce a synthesis gas. The gas is not mixed with the exhaust gasses from the combustion process or oxygen from the air. The result is a pure synthesis gas that does not contain condensable wastes or aggregate oxygen.

Increased fuel flexibility and the many areas of usage are the key to profitable growth. Fuel flexibility means that low value recyclable fuels can be used without compromising process performance. New applications mean that it will satisfy the high demands that exist in catalytic treatments.

Cortus AB and Nordkalk AB have recently signed a twelve-year agreement with respect to the production of biogas for Nordkalk’s Köping factory. Cortus’ innovative gasification technique WoodRoll® will result in reduced energy costs and lower carbon dioxide emissions for Nordkalk as they replace coal as an energy source with biogas

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Rolf Ljunggren, VD

Cortus is developing a system designed to eliminate dependency on fossil fuels in energy demanding industrial processes. The system is based on the gasification of biomass and the manufacture of energy gasses on site. The flexible fuel solution means that Cortus can be a recyclable alternative regardless of location on planet earth. The local conditions determine the type of biomass that is most suitable to use and how the residuals can be returned to nature.

Cleantech Inn Sweden, 14 January 2011

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