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Innovative method for energy optimisation

ClimaCheck Sweden AB is a world leader in performance analysing of refrigeration, heat pumps and air conditioning systems that consume 20% of the global electricity. We offer a solution to the increased demand on documentation of performance and energy optimisation through a unique and innovative method that document the functionality and performance of all compressor driven refrigeration processes.

ClimaCheck has developed a full range of hard- and software that are offered to the international market through local distributors in an increasing number of countries. It has before been considered too expensive and complex to measure the performance outside laboratories. The result has been that the majority of installed systems are not operating as efficiently as intended without the owners being aware of it. This result in significantly higher energy consumption and failure rates than if the operation was properly optimised and documented. Many installations consume 20-40% more energy than intended.

A pre-requisite to change the situation and energy optimise these systems is a practical method to document the performance of the total system and functionality of the components in the systems. It is more cost effective and quicker to improve performance and decrease environmental impact of existing systems than to reduce energy consumption in the society through replacing old inefficient equipment with new more efficient. At the same time documentation of actual performance give the information required to calculate pay off time and environmental benefit of a replacement.

ClimaCheck has become accepted in Sweden for inspections, trouble shooting, maintenance and the number of fixed installation increase. In UK the ClimaCheck Performance Analysers was in 2009 appointed “Refrigeration Product of the Year” at the largest tradeshow. The markets in UK, Spain, Italy and Germany is growing at a fast rate.

Many leading stakeholders in the industry has validated the method and invested in ClimaCheck equipment. Customers from all sectors of the industry such as leading supermarket chains Carrefour, Tesco and Sainsbury, Hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton, system manufacturers such as Carrier Europe, heat pump manufacturers such as Danfoss Heat Pumps, Refrigerant manufacturers such as DuPont and compressor manufacturer like Copeland has all validated and use ClimaCheck Performance analysers to make systems more energy efficient.

The challenge for ClimaCheck Sweden is to use the window of opportunity created by increased energy prices and environmental legislation in EU and on other markets to strengthen the position as world leader in field measurements of refrigeration processes. There is a widespread understanding of the need to change the prevailing practice to accept that everything is optimal as long as the specified temperature is achieved. Contractors have been focused on delivering specified hardware and performing repairs when requested to do so – not supplying energy efficient solutions for their customers. As the ClimaCheck method is still unknown on most markets efforts are required to introduce the method and train the industry to use it.

As ClimaCheck products has a very wide application range both for temporary inspections and permanent installations monitored over internet the growth potential is almost unlimited. Only in Sweden there is approximately 1 000 contractors in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector and several 100 000 buildings with air conditioning and heat pump installation in EU it is expected that the new Energy Performance in Building Directive is expected to require 15 000 full time performance inspectors to do inspections on air-conditioning systems above 12 kW.

ClimaCheck offers a new opportunity and perspective on energy optimisation in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry and the competitive situation is favourable as ClimaCheck has a unique product that is addressing the requirement for optimisation and improved reliability. There is no other product on the market that can be connected cost effectively on site and document an unbiased performance e.g. without any input from system or component manufacturer.

ClimaCheck has established their product as market leader in Europe and during 2010 gone through the process of certification for the North American market. ClimaCheck has established good contacts with universities and research centers in Sweden and many other countries including North America to ensure that the method is properly understood and can be supported in national regulatory and standardisation work.

Klas Berglöf CEO

The progress towards a sustainable society doesn´t have to start by rejecting valuable and positive aspects of life. A better start is to reduce waste of resources that don´t contribute to our welfare. This is one reason why energy efficiency measures are so important. A substantial part of the global use of energy is wasted in the cooling and heating sector. Climacheck offers a method for that can be used for optimising the use of refrigeration, freezer and air conditioning equipment. Climacheck provides the tools for energy optimisation in areas with large energy savings potentials, and extended life time of installations.

Cleantech Inn Sweden, 23 March 2011

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