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The future small-scale solution for upgrading biogas to vehicle

BioSling development is a unique upgrade plant for small-scale biogas plants, which took six years to develop. It includes a simple, cost effective and energy efficient way to upgrade the gas from a digester to 97% of vehicle.

The method is based on the gas and water alternately fed into a slowly rotating hose reel, where the carbon dioxide dissolves in water when the pressure in the gas increases.

BioSling can do this without energy-consuming compressors. The plant is built in a house at 9 x 2.6 x 3 m and contains a control center where all the regulation and supervision carried out by remote control and a upgrading room containing the machinery. BioSling development is built as a modular and can be extended and adapted according to customers needs.

BioSling development represents an opportunity for smaller farms and co-digestion plants in such small villages to produce vehicle fuel and BioSling development has attracted enormous interest both nationally and internationally.

BioSling is the 2010 winner of the large SKAPA-price in Sweden.

Per-Olof Karlsson CEO

Producing biogas from organic waste and replacing fossil fuels with renewable fuels will be important in a sustainable society. BioSling have developed a small scale unit for upgrading of biogas to vehicle fuel, giving every farmer or small scale biogas producer the possibility to produce his or her own renewable fuel, to be used at home or to be sold on the market.

Cleantech Inn Sweden, 04 May 2011

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