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At Ecofiltration, we have an ambitious and driven team in providing our customers with environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways to remove and recycle phosphorus from wastewater. With over 20 years of extensive research, we have a cutting-edge reactive filter media called Polonite®.

Eutrophication is a serious water pollution problem today. The removal of phosphorus from wastewater is vital in protecting marine life and ensuring that we have clean and clear water for recreation. Polonite®, a reactive filter media, has 100% phosphorus removal as well as the ability to remove nitrogen, bacteria, metals and odor. Our reactive filter media are today catered to decentralized small households, which are not connected to municipal waste water treatment plants, but could also be applied in larger applications in WWTP for phosphorus removal of reject water or end polishing.

While phosphorus is an essential element for human life, it is also a scarce resource. It has been labelled as “life’s bottleneck”, as there is no substitute to it. With the rapidly increasing global population, the global supply of phosphate rock is depleting. After treatment, Polonite® that is saturated with phosphorus can be reapplied to agricultural fields as fertilizers for food production, without any further after treatment.
Ecofiltration is also looking for new business opportunities, customer channels and creative ideas. We are committed to preserving our environment and bringing sustainability to our world.


Fredrik Wangler
CEO Ecofiltration AB

Phosphorus is essential for life on earth and a vital part of commercial fertilizers where the supply of phosphorus comes mainly from finite reserves of phosphate rock. There is a risk of depletion, which would lead to increasing fertilizer prices and higher food prices. Some of the phosporus from fertilizers spread in the fields is diluted by rain water and run out in streams, rivers and oceans where it can cause eutrophication.  However, a majority of it goes all the way through the food chain, into our sewages and out in the fresh water circulation. Bioptech offers a new kind of filter that catches all phosphorus in the waste water. When the filter is full, it is used as a commercial fertilizer that without further processing can be spread in the fields. The solution offers a way to close a substantial part of the phosporous cycle, supply the agriculture industry with sustainable production of fertilizer while reducing eutrophication.

Richard Englund
Cleantech Inn Sweden Dec 17, 2013