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Biofuel Solution

Bio glycerol reduces dependency on fossil resources.

Biofuel-Solution is currently developing a number of processes for the production of fuels, chemicals and materials. The common denominator for all these processes is bio glycerol. Bio glycerol has become an interesting resource in recent years due to a dramatic fall in price – currently we are looking for other sources for bio glycerol such as in evaporated biomass.

Considerable experience of process techniques, catalysts and chemical technology has allowed us to identify a number of profitable products of which bio-propane and bio-propane aldehyde appear to be the most promising. The development of production processes for these two products is under way; the work includes laboratory work, up-scaling and demonstrations of new technology.

2010 will be an interesting year for Biofuel-Solution. The first processes will leave the laboratories and be presented on a large scale. Preparations for the upgrading process have been started. The results of a successful demonstration will be used as the foundation for a marketable plant that will then be launched on the open market.

If the first process is a success more will follow, hopefully in a shorter development time.

Christian Hulteberg, CEO

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