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Arc Aroma Pure

Effective biological cleaning

Arc Aroma Pure AB works to further develop the patented CEPTR. This energy efficient system has been designed to biologically clean pumpable products. CEPTR is designed to meet the needs of the global Cleantech market and requires no additives.

This innovative and sustainable technique is useful for food production centres, waterworks, biogas plants, shipping companies (bilge water) etc. that have problems with micro-organisms/bacteria that negatively affect their processes and/or that can damage the final product. Costly thermal pasteurization is the most common method of combatting these problems. Today’s society requires the development of sustainable cost-effective production techniques that incorporate efficient logistics. .

Arc Aroma Pure AB’s CEPT® technology uses PEF to facilitate cold pasteurization. This system reduces energy consumption by 95% and simplifies handling as it can be achieved in-line. CEPT® attacks the nucleus of unwanted micro-organisms with short, high voltage pulses, a proven technique that does not require any additives. The taste and consistency of the treated product is not affected.

The business idea is to supply a series of complete modules that can be incorporated in the production line – capacity is determined by needs. CEPT® is a turnkey solution comprising a generator, treatment chamber and control unit. The energy requirements make it a clear candidate for solar or wind-turbine power supplies.

The advantages are a combination of the guaranteed stable environment in the treatment chamber, the generator and the monitoring system. The technique is patented and the innovators are now seeking commercial interests that have the capacity and equipment to bring this development to the market.

There is a clear demand for energy efficient purification techniques that minimise the risks and ensure effective handling during the production process. Arc Aroma Pure, CEPT® technology is suitable for both small and large scale production plants.

Pär H Henriksson, inventor and founder

Arc Aroma Pure has developed an exciting new energy-efficient and chemical-free method of cleaning liquids. This new technology can help such vital industries as water purification plants and food handling as well as bilge water management and the cold pasteurization of liquid foodstuffs. This innovative company has recently acquired new skills and marketing experience to help make the discovery a commercial product – we look forward to seeing it on the market soon.

Cleantech Inn Sweden, 14 January 2011

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