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Applied Nano Surfaces

Resource reducing low-friction coatings

All mechanical systems with moving parts waste energy through friction. Although friction has always been a problem, it is only now that we have begun to look at is as a cause of energy loss – and in today’s world we cannot afford to waste energy.

Applied Nano Surfaces (ANS) has developed a revolutionary technique for coating steel and iron with a thin, low-friction finish. The idea was first dreamed up at the Ångström Laboratories in Uppsala, it has since been developed into a viable proposition and a patent has been applied for.

One of the most exciting aspects of this technique is that it does not demand investments in expensive machinery or new and complicated processes; a traditional lathe or honing machine will do the job. The coating is mechanically ‘rubbed’ into the surface to be coated using a specially designed tool made from tungsten together with an oil ‘laced’ with an additive.

The new coating reduces friction and cuts abrasion by half. This new technology is ideal for large-scale production facilities that manufacture components for engines, compressors bearings etc.

The reduction of energy losses caused by friction and abrasive action by fifty percent is very beneficial from an environmental and life cycle perspective.

In order to develop their idea along commercial lines, ANS chose to collaborate with industrial partners at an early stage. Collaborating partners include Scania, Volvo Powertrain, Finnveden Powertrain and Atlas Copco Secoroc.

The next step is to license the technology to the manufacturers of mechanical components such as cam shafts, bearings and cylinder linings.

Mattias Karls CEO

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Energy efficiency, which is central to any sustainable society, can take many forms. Applied Nano Surfaces offer a resource saving surface treatment that cuts energy usage and increases the life of engines, machines or other equipment that relies on moving parts. The method can be gainfully used in many areas to the benefit of a sustainable society both today and tomorrow.

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