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Lamera raises 30MSEK and invests in new production plant

New production plant in Gothenburg will produce cutting-edge lightweight materials

With a new investment of more than SEK 30 million the company Lamera AB can invest in a new production plant for the manufacture of the lightweight material Hybrix. This investment also means that new jobs will be created in Gothenburg.

This expansion is possible thanks to a capital injection of SEK 30 million from the government owned venture capital company Fouriertransform along with an unnamed investor and the current majority owner Midroc New Technology.

– With this new ownership structure, the company can work with long-term and financially strong owners, says Lamera’s CEO Bengt Nilsson.

Large international players, in such diverse industries as consumer and automotive, are now showing great interest in the lightweight material Hybrix. Already today you can see Lamera materials in use in, for example, international aircrafts, several Swedish hospitals and on the facades of Gothenburg’s main street Kungsportsavenyen.

During the last decade Lamera has developed an idea deriving from Volvo to a commercial product for light weight design. Hybrix is based on the sandwich technique where the result is a unique, patented, and formable composite that weighs about 50 percent less than conventional sheet metal but has the same bending strength. Hybrix shows significantly lower environmental impact than stainless steel and aluminum, and up to 40 per cent less environmental impact than copper, from a life cycle perspective.

– Our vision is to revolutionize the sheet metal industry, just as particle boards once revolutionized the wood processing industry, says CEO Bengt Nilsson. We strive to become a world leader in the development and manufacture of lightweight sandwich materials with metal skin surfaces.

– Lamera is now ready for further growth. We are very pleased to welcome Fouriertransform as a new shareholder and partner, a stable owner with a long-term perspective and high industrial competence that will provide Lamera with good opportunities for continued expansion.

The need for lightweight materials is expected to grow significantly, especially to meet demands for reduced carbon emissions and reduced costs. Now, customers requiring high performance can replace stainless steel sheet products, mild and high strength steel- or aluminum using the sandwich material Hybrix. This offers the opportunity to use the same kind of metal surface material and thereby achieve a 50 percent weight reduction compared to the use of solid metal plates.

The new production facility will be located at Lamera’s current address in southern Gothenburg and is expected to be completed within eight months.

For further information:

Bengt Nilsson, CEO, Lamera AB, tel. +46 738-53 65 08

Erik Sterner, Investment Director, Fouriertransform AB, tel. +46 708-433 335

Andreas Gunnarsson, Investment Director, Midroc New Technology AB, tel +46 10 47070 62

Lamera AB develops, manufactures and markets materials and components with a unique and patented micro-sandwich technique where the surfaces are made of metal. The Company holds a number of patents for its product named Hybrix. The material can be used in the automotive-, consumer electronics- , medical equipment-, construction- and aerospace industries, in principle in all areas where it can replace conventional steel towards lighter and more environmentally friendly materials with equivalent or better performance.