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EkoBalans makes Helsingborg self-sufficient on phosphorous

Ekobalans has started production of fertilizer nutrients extracted at Öresundsverket in Helsingborg. The product has been distributed this summer in parks and green areas in Helsingborg city .
The distribution tests of the Ekobland fertilizer product showed that the product performs as well as previously used fertilizer funds.

The fertilizer is produced by phosphorous extracted in sewage treatment plants in Helsingborg. Since both production and extraction is done in Helsinborg and the annual production substantially exceeds the city needs, can Helsingborg hereby become self-sufficient in phosphorus.

The product looks like, and can be treated as, common fertilizers, but all the input of nitrogen and phosphorus is recycled. The concentration of cadmium is significantly lower than in fertilizers and other so-called eco- products on the market.

Legislative proposals for more stringent requirements on the content of heavy metals in sludge may slow reversal of phosphorus sludge , but the eco-balance sheet shows that it is possible to return the phosphorus cycle without risks to health and environment.
“This is a milestone for us,” says Ekobalans founder Gunnar Thelin, “Next year, our production will be multiplied and more municipalities, homeowners and farmers will be able to fertilize with recycled nutrients.”

“We are proud to show that Helsingborg is a place for innovative solutions in the practical work for sustainable recycling of nutrients from waste products” says Anna Jähnke (M) councilor and environment committee chairman in Helsingborg.

“On NSVA we work to support the development of new technologies that result in a more sustainable management of the resources found in wastewater. Ekobalans solution is a good example of it”, says Ulf Thysell CEO NSVA .

For more information, contact:
Axel Granlund, CEO EkoBalans: +46 (0)708-75 63 69

Source: Press release from Ekobalans 2013-09-25 (in swedish only)