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Delivery Of Five DEO-300 Systems – Catator’s Emission Reduction Systems

Catator has delivered five DEO-300 units at ScanTube production plant at Åland, Finland, during 2014.

Scan tube is a world-leading producer of flouropolymer tubing. The production takes place in modern manufacturing facilities that utilize the latest high-tech machinery and the production is tailored to meet the customer’s demands and requirements.

The production is performed on several individual production lines. The plastic material is mixed with industrial Naphtha, which finally is evaporated during the production process. The emissions of Naphtha are reduced to more than 95% in Catator’s delivered emission abetment systems, the DEO-300 systems. Each DEO unit (with a maximum capacity of about 500 Nm3/h) is integrated to one or two production lines and is automatically controlled to operate efficiently with the batch-wise production process.