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Chargestorm launch payment solution for electric vehicle charging

A new mobile app will make it easy for operators to charge for electric vehicle charging. In Norway, the country with the most mature market electric vehicles, the app has been a success and now the product is ready for the Swedish market.

“The key to success is the very user-friendly mobile app developed by WTW in combination with Chargestorms web portal that supports all brands of fast charging stations and AC charging stations in the Norwegian market,” says Christian Aune Thomassen, Technical Manager at WTW.

Chargestorms client list of companies that use the web-portal, Charge Portal, in order to monitor, gather statistics and administer charging stations, is growing rapidly.

“We currently have over 20 customers only in Sweden that use our web-portal. Together they have conducted over 50,000 electric charges, which are now stored in our database. Common to customers is that all offer the service for free. A natural next step is to introduce a convenient way to charge for the service.”, says Patrik Lindergren CEO of Chargestorm.

The payment solution has been developed in cooperation with WTW, a Norwegian company focused on ticketing. The partnership began a year ago, when Chargestorm launched their products and services in Norway. The service has been a success and to date it is used by four major operators in the Norwegian market, with thousands of payment transactions each month.

For more information, please contact:
Patrik Lindergren, CEO, ChargeStorm, +46 70 461 25 78

About ChargeStorm
ChargeStorm is today one of the leading companies in the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. ChargeStorm delivers complete solutions including charging stations, operating and monitoring software, and various payment solutions.