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On August 17, 2017 Waves4Power successfully launched the Green Power Ecosystem at the Aqua Nor Trade Fair in Trondheim.

The Green Power Ecosystem by Waves4Power uses the free energy in the ocean waves to create a long term, reliable power supply. During hours of low power consumption the over production of electricity is used to produced fresh water, oxygen, and hydrogen. The hydrogen is stored and used as a power source in fuel cells, at the farm or in other applications such as support vessels etc. The fresh water and the oxygen can be used in debugging of fish and as an extra oxygen source in the net cases to keep the fish healthier. The heat generated in the process is used for heating living quarters, houses etc.

Everything in an ongoing process: The Green Power Ecosystem by Waves4Power.

For more information please contact:

CEO Ulf Lindelöf,

Anglian Water söker innovativ svensk vattenteknik

Anglian Water är den största vattenleverantören och vattenreningsresursen i England och Wales. De har mer än sex miljoner privata och företagskunder. Anglian Water är mycket angelägna om identifiera innovativ teknik och lösningar som bidrar till att göra deras verksamhet mer hållbar. Den 24 november genomfördes ett arrangemang i Peterborough, Storbritannien där företag som har lösningar på […]

Heliospectra receives major order valued at one million SEK

Heliospectra AB, a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and greenhouse cultivation, has received an order worth about one million SEK for the LX60 system. The order includes 100 units and is from the same customer that last summer ordered 20 units. The new order is Heliospectra’s largest so far. In July […]

Heliospectra launches its new generation of intelligent lighting systems

Heliospectra, a world leader in intelligent lighting technologies for plant research and greenhouse cultivation, is set to launch its new generation of intelligent lighting systems. The patented LX60 system is more effective, more energy-efficient and less expensive than previous products. Heliospectra is now focusing on a dynamic international launch with its improved technology. The company […]

AltoCumulus of Axel Johnson Group Invests in Alnarp Cleanwater Technology

Investment Management company AltoCumulus has acquired 20% of Alnarp Cleanwater Technology in a new emission of shares at a non-disclosed valuation. “Sustainability is a priority within the Axel Johnson Group and we find Alnarp Cleanwater to be an interesting example of how natural biological solutions can be used to serve the societies needs”, says Alexandra […]

Bioptech joins Cleantech Inn Sweden

Phosphorus is essential to life on earth – plants, humans and animals need phosphorus to grow. However, it is a finite resource and causes eutrophication when spread in water streams. Bioptech offers an active filter to collect this finite resource from wastewater and recycle it as fertiliser, closing the phosphorus cycle and reducing eutrophication. Our […]

Limerick Institute of Technology – CELLS lab chooses Heliospectra

Marie Curie Fellow and Professor at LIT, Gary Stutte, recently installed two of Heliospectra’s award winning intelligent LED light systems at the Controlled Environment Laboratory for Life Sciences (CELLS).  Receiving the systems comes on foot of the recent success of another research project led by LIT. LIT and Professor Gary Stutte pulled off a major international coup […]

Prestigious green technology award goes to Sweden’s Heliospectra

Heliospectra, one of Sweden’s most renowned companies in green technology, has today been awarded the prestigious SACC New York – Deloitte Green Award. The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York annually awards the prize to a company with a breakthrough green technology within the food chain. “Heliospectra is awarded the Green Award in recognition […]

Simris Alg presents the first batch of algae oil produced in Sweden

The pioneering company Simris Alg AB has produced its first batch of oil from algae, grown and harvested in the company’s plant. It’s a major breakthrough for Simris Alg, being the first swedish venture on an international multi billion market. The algae oil is rich in healthy omega 3 fatty acids and will be used […]

EkoBalans makes Helsingborg self-sufficient on phosphorous

Ekobalans has started production of fertilizer nutrients extracted at Öresundsverket in Helsingborg. The product has been distributed this summer in parks and green areas in Helsingborg city . The distribution tests of the Ekobland fertilizer product showed that the product performs as well as previously used fertilizer funds. The fertilizer is produced by phosphorous extracted […]