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Aerogel: New Method for Water Filtration

One of the major applications for Quartzene® is filtration. Considering the global environmental movement for clean air and clean water the development of new and better filters is necessary. Svenska Aerogel has recently filed a patent application for a new method where Quartzene® is used in a water filter to remove Naphta products (crude oil).

The method is develeped together with researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland and Svenska Aergoel is the sole applicant for this patent.

”– This is of course a high interest area for us—and not only for the company, it is of major concern for all humanity” says Anders Lundström, CEO

This project started spontaneously when Prof.Dr. Christer Sjöström, Chairman and Head of R&D at Svenska Aerogel, lectured at the University of Strathclyde in 2015. A group of researcher was working on behalf of the Scotish off shore indu-stries to find effective methods to clean water from oil residues. They saw the opportunities with Quartzene® and suggested a cooperation. As Quartzene® can be tailor made the work started at Svenska Aerogel and the results are very positive.

Why Quartzene® in FILTRATION?

You can remove almost any chemical pollutant with customized Quartzene®. You can easily design the porous material surface by attaching different molecule to meet any of your demands concerning molecular filtration.


Fredrik Wangler new CEO at Ecofiltration

Fredrik Wangler has been appointed new CEO of Ecofiltration Nordic AB (publ) and starts in April. Fredrik has extensive experience from the water and wastewater industry. Fredrik has a background in both sales and project management from companies like Ramböll, Dustcontrol and Cerlic Controls. “I am very excited to take on the role as CEO […]

Anglian Water söker innovativ svensk vattenteknik

Anglian Water är den största vattenleverantören och vattenreningsresursen i England och Wales. De har mer än sex miljoner privata och företagskunder. Anglian Water är mycket angelägna om identifiera innovativ teknik och lösningar som bidrar till att göra deras verksamhet mer hållbar. Den 24 november genomfördes ett arrangemang i Peterborough, Storbritannien där företag som har lösningar på […]

Polonite Collaborative Trial in UK

In search of an efficient technology for phosphorus removal Ecofiltration presented their Polonite® technology at UK TAG 35 in June 2014. In 2016 an opportunity for testing the effectiveness of the technology for phosphorus (P) removal and disinfection arose at Somerton Sewage Treatment Work in England with a water flow corresponding 21 000 A […]

I-Tech gets large market recognition of the newly EU-approved agent Selektope ®

Following the approval of Selektope ® under the EU’s Biocidal Products Regulation, developer I- Tech reports extraordinary uptake for antifouling coatings that include the industry’s first pharmacological means of combatting barnacle settlement. In the first month of 2016, orders amounted to double the volume achieved during the whole of 2015, with antifoulings including Selektope being […]

Breakthrough for Primozone on the US water treatment market

The Swedish ozone generator supplier, Primozone has made a breakthrough on the US market thanks to a successful evaluation at a water treatment plant in the City of Dallas, US. The successful evaluation has led to the specification of the Primozone technology in upcoming water treatment projects in Texas. At the Eastside Water Treatment Plant […]

Heliospectra In Wastewater Treatment Project With Leading Swedish Organizations

GÖTEBORG, Sweden/SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Sept. 25, 2014—Heliospectra AB, a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and greenhouse cultivation, has been named a member of “The Warm and the Clean City,” an advanced collaborative Swedish project in waste water treatment and energy recovery using algae.  The project – valued at 10 million Swedish […]

Arc Aroma Pure in cooperation with Nordic Water

  Arc Aroma Pure AB has signed an agreement on cooperation with Nordic Water Products AB. The agreement is a result of the common positive pilot trial conducted at a sewage treatment plant. Parties will now work together in six-month full-scale tests with a third party, planned to start in the spring of 2014. If the […]

AltoCumulus of Axel Johnson Group Invests in Alnarp Cleanwater Technology

Investment Management company AltoCumulus has acquired 20% of Alnarp Cleanwater Technology in a new emission of shares at a non-disclosed valuation. “Sustainability is a priority within the Axel Johnson Group and we find Alnarp Cleanwater to be an interesting example of how natural biological solutions can be used to serve the societies needs”, says Alexandra […]

Primozone gets funding for ozone system for treatment of textile waste water

The Swedish ozone generator supplier, Primozone, has been awarded further more funding. This time for a project for removal of dye and harmful substances from wastewater from the textile industry. The project has been funded by Tillväxtverket – the Swedish agency for economical and regional growth. Primozone has received funding to build a mobile pilot […]