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Cleantech Inn’s Partner Program has doubled Alfa Laval’s hit rate with potential partners

“Finding and screening new technologies and potential partners is essential for Alfa Laval’s development. The regular hit rate when contacting or being contacted by potential partners is low, around 10-15 per cent. When we learned that Cleantech Inn had 50 already screened companies we knew we wanted to work with them. Thanks to Cleantech Inn our hit rate is now much higher, 30-40 per cent. They provide us with a very effective program for getting in touch with technology that is relevant for our business and had Cleantech Inn been active in other industrialized countries, we would cooperate with them there as well” says Mats Nilsson, Head of R&D product center heating changers, Alfa Laval.

Mats Nilsson was recently interviewed by Ny Teknik about techscouting and the results – for example shrinking a heat exchanger from three meters to three decimeters.
The article is written in Swedish and you can read it at

Through the industrial partner program at Cleantech Inn, Alfa Laval has visited ten companies and initiated cooperation with six of them over the past year. All companies are active in the cleantech sector, but their expertise range from energy production to innovative new materials.

Nexam Chemical introduces NEXAMITE® PBO

─ strong performance in many application areas Nexam Chemical introduces a new multifunctional additive with intended use as chain extender and crosslinker. NEXAMITE®PBO is also an effective compatibilizer and acid scavenger in the manufacture of virgin polymer blends, engineering plastics and recycling of mixed plastics. Added values using NEXAMITE® PBO are: Improved hydrolytic and thermal […]

OrganoClick scales up its production and opens a new factory in Arninge, north Täby

OrganoClick scales up its production of its water repellent, fluorocarbon-free durable water repellent, and other sustainable chemistries for the global market for wood, textile and fiber industries. The new facility and machine park will open during the first quarter of 2015, and production start will include the wood preservative used to produce the eco-classed timber […]

IRPC and Nexam Chemical have entered a Cooperation frame agreement

IRPC and Nexam have decided to strengthen their relationship in the area of modified polyolefins, such as PE and PP, using Nexam crosslinking technology. The agreement formalizes the frames for the extended cooperation between the two companies, both regarding the development of products and commercialization of these. IRPC is a polymer and polyolefin producer based […]

Recommended green flame retardant extends its product range

Paxymer MB706 enables fully green building products for electronics. Paxymer MB706 achieved the highest “Recommended” status of its new grade in BVB – the swedish building goods declaration. Paxymer now has three different grades that all are thoroughly evaluated by independent third party. Paxymer is the first ever FR-system that was evaluated as “recommended” in […]

OrganoWood Winner of Nordbyggs Gold Medal

OrganoWood-modified wood won Nordbyggs Gold medal for the “hottest new material of the year”. Nordbygg is Scandinavias largest building fair for for building professionals such as architects, cosntruction companies and property owners. The 10 nominated materials had been selected by a jury from a list of more than 200 new materials. The final decision was […]

Nexam enters into a three year exclusive supply agreement with Armacell

Nexam enters into a three year exclusive supply agreement with Armacell, the world’s largest producer of PET foam. Armacell has exclusivity on the use of Nexam’s products to PET foam, provided they purchase a minimum volume during the contract period. The agreed minimum volumes for Armacell to retain their market exclusivity are 10 tons in […]

BASF and Nexam enters commercialization phase

Nexam and BASF have successfully developed a new crosslinkable Nylon 66 and have now agreed to initiate the commercialization phase for this compound. As a consequence of this, Nexam has awarded BASF temporally limited market exclusivity for approximately two years for a compound consisting of Nylon 66 and Nexam’s crosslinker. The exclusivity is conditioned upon […]

Organotex Now To Be Produced On The Asian Market

The majority of water-repellent functional textiles produced today contain harmful chemicals, such as fluorocarbons. One such example is PFOA, a chemical that disrupts hormones and that is essentially non-biodegradable. As an alternative, the cleantech company OrganoClick and the textile manufacturer Chang-Ho Fibre have entered a collaboration to provide fluorocarbon-free water-repellent functional fabrics on the Asian […]

Recyctec wins public tender for glycol recycling

The four municipal recycling companies Renova AB, SRV Återvinning AB, Vafab Miljö AB and Borås Energi och Miljö AB have selected Recyctec AB as winner in a public tender for glycol recycling according to a press release from Recyctec. The contract includes all used etylen and propylen glycol from the four companies for an initial […]