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Big interest among CleanTech SMEs for meeting the buyers

Many cleantech SMEs want to pitch for Tetra Pak and Alfa Laval at the exclusive match-making event Meet the Buyer, arranged by RISE (Swedish Research Institute). Twelve selected companies will get the chance to do it. Keep an eye out for the next opportunity to pitch.

Cleantech competence wanted

Tetra Pak and Alfa Laval are looking for partnership with companies that have solutions for either heating and cooling technologies, new materials, water treatment, chemicals, process and condition monitoring or Internet-of-Things.

The North Sea Region is one of the world leaders in developing new green products, services and processes. Yet large buyers are often unaware of innovations available across the region and they don’t necessarily see start-ups as suitable providers. The Swedish Research Institute, RISE, manages the InterReg-project Scale-Up, that addresses this exact problem. Scale-Up’s Meet the Buyer event on October 3 in Gothenburg is one action made to make the two worlds meet. The potential to address societal challenges and at the same time make a profit is of interest for both sides.

Overwhelming interest for pitching

More than 40 companies in the North Sea Region have declared their interest and applied to participate at the Meet the Buyer event in Gothenburg. Cleantech Inn Sweden, a partner in Scale-Up, will, together with Tetra Pak and Alfa Laval, select the twelve cleantech SMEs that best fulfill Tetra Pak’s and Alfa Laval’s requirements and invite these innovative companies to the event. Richard Englund, business advisor from Cleantech Inn Sweden, explains why the meeting in Gothenburg not only attracts SMEs from Sweden, but also from the Netherlands, Denmark and Great Britain.

– Innovators have difficulties accessing large buyers abroad or have little experience with corporate procurement processes. By the Meet the Buyer meetings Scale-up provides a platform where innovators and the large buyers from the North Sea Region get to meet.

Get a chance to pitch at the next Meet the Buyer meeting

Scale-up is project with the aim to support the greening of the economy through better exploitation of Northern Sea Region cleantech innovations. There will be more Meet the Buyer meetings to come. As a cleantech SME in the North Sea Region, make sure you don’t miss the next opportunity to apply to attend. Follow Scale-Up on LinkedIn and visit our website to see which cleantech areas will come up next.  As a selected SME you will be offered individual 1-to-1 meetings with key decision makers to pitch your company and your products and discuss business partnerships that can fast-forward your company’s growth. Contact Richard Englund at Cleantech Inn Sweden for further information.

See film on what will happen during a Meet the Buyer Meeting. >>

Scale-Up Meet the Buyer

Scale-Up’s Swedish lead partner is The Swedish Research Institute, RISE, and the project’s co-beneficiary is Cleantech Inn Sweden. The project is a collaboration between five regional cleantech clusters from the United Kingdom (Allia, Cambridge Cleantech , Belgium (Cleantech Vaanderen), Netherlands (Cleantech Delta, City of Rotterdam), Sweden (Cleantech Inn Sweden) and Denmark (Clean). The project is co-funded by the European Union through the Interreg Programme.

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