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AltoCumulus of Axel Johnson Group Invests in Alnarp Cleanwater Technology

Investment Management company AltoCumulus has acquired 20% of Alnarp Cleanwater Technology in a new emission of shares at a non-disclosed valuation.

“Sustainability is a priority within the Axel Johnson Group and we find Alnarp Cleanwater to be an interesting example of how natural biological solutions can be used to serve the societies needs”, says Alexandra Mörner from AltoCumulus in a press release from Alnarp Cleanwater.

Alexandra Mörner will join the Alnarp Cleanwater Technology board of directors. She is member of AltoCumulus investment board and holds several board positions within Axel Johnson Group. She is also chairman of the board of The Antonia Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Axel Johnson Group consists of four separate groups; Axel Johnson AB, U.S. company Axel Johnson Inc., the Swedish real estate company AxFast AB and the investment management company AltoCumulus AB.