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News: August 2015

Optistring nominated for Solar Industry Awards 2015

The Optistring inverter system is combining module level benefits with string inverter cost levels. Enabling module level energy optimization NEC compliant safety shutoff and monitoring all combined with an industry best in class efficiency of 99 percent EU efficiency and system cost levels competitive with string inverters.

Optistring address the need for innovative BOS and electronics supporting the route to grid parity. The lower conversion efficiencies and higher cost of optimizers and micro inverters compared to traditional string inverters are limiting the growth of these technologies. With Optistring technology there is no need to choose between higher safety and yield and cost.

The inverter system is based on a new innovative way of implementing energy conversion where complexity is shifted from hardware into software and control. With less complex hardware both the system efficiency and cost can be improved with at least a factor of 2 for both of them.

Optistrings proprietary technology enable a step in inverter performance and cost. We are the first company bringing this technology and performance to the market through partnerships with major module OEMs we disrupt the business and give the module manufacturers the opportunity to act as systems suppliers instead of commodity module suppliers.