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News: November 2014

OrganoClick scales up its production and opens a new factory in Arninge, north Täby

OrganoClick scales up its production of its water repellent, fluorocarbon-free durable water repellent, and other sustainable chemistries for the global market for wood, textile and fiber industries. The new facility and machine park will open during the first quarter of 2015, and production start will include the wood preservative used to produce the eco-classed timber rot and flame protectant, OrganoWood.
Organoclick is a member of Cleantech Inn Sweden since March 2011.

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Tesla faces the same production issues as traditional OEMs

The Model S has 70,000 unique parts that the company has to get right. “We’ve also learned the lesson in manufacturing that you might have issues that are one out of 100, and unless you make 100 of something, you don’t see it,” said Musk. Read the article by Julia Pyper at