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News: September 2014

Heliospectra In Wastewater Treatment Project With Leading Swedish Organizations

GÖTEBORG, Sweden/SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Sept. 25, 2014—Heliospectra AB, a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and greenhouse cultivation, has been named a member of “The Warm and the Clean City,” an advanced collaborative Swedish project in waste water treatment and energy recovery using algae. 

The project – valued at 10 million Swedish krona (SEK) or $1.4 million USD – is funded by the Swedish government agency Vinnova working under Sweden’s Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications.   Led by Lund Municipality, an urban district located in southern Sweden, the project has a main objective of developing a comprehensive solution for wastewater treatment in Sweden and improving methods for the recycling of nutrients and energy.

Heliospectra’s role in the project is to contribute its intelligent lighting technology and create optimal “life conditions” for the algae that forms an integral part in both wastewater treatment and energy recovery. Heliospectra’s effort is funded with 500,000 SEK from the project budget.

“The Warm and the Clean City” is a program developed at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) by the Department of Biosystems and Technology, which is pursuing new technologies and methods to improve wastewater treatment. In the process, products such as clean water, biogas, algae and useful nutrients are produced.

“Now the project enters into a practical phase where we will put our theories from previous works into practice,” said Markus Paulsson, project manager, promoter and energy strategist in Lund Municipality. “In the project, there are several companies that are world leaders in their industry and we are proud of Heliospectra’s involvement and have high hopes for the relationship.”

Creating optimal living conditions for plants in adverse environments year round is an area of expertise for Heliospectra, said Heliospectra CEO Staffan Hillberg.

“We have experience in working with algae, but now it will be under different conditions, in different environments and with other goals,” said Hillberg. “Working with algae in sewage purification environments will be a new experience for us.”

Noting the growing need for improved wastewater treatment in major cities, Hillberg said: “It’s a very exciting project with great potential for future undertakings of a similar nature, especially as we see increased use of algae in nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biofuels.”

The pilot project will be conducted in the university’s laboratories and in the field at Källby wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in the city of Lund and the Smyge WWTP facilities in Trelleborg, a city in southern Sweden.

In addition to Lund Municipality, SLU and Heliospectra, the project includes the European Spallation Source (ESS), Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH), and such companies as Alfa Laval, AnoxKaldnes, BioMil, Lunds Energi Group and Purac.

For more information:

Staffan Hillberg
, CEO Heliospectra, +46 708 36 59
Markus Paulsson, energy strategist, Lund Municipality tel +46 46-355336+46 734-485714
Lars Sjögrell
, Press Contact, Heliospectra, +46 702 69 53 00,
Chris Walker
, General Manager USA,
Ned Madden
, U.S. Media Contact,
G&W Brokerage is the company’s Certified Adviser –
Heliospectra AB, Box 5401, SE-402 29, Göteborg, Sweden

Heliospectra AB (publ – listed on NASDAQ OMX First North HELIO ISIN SE0005933082 as well as North American ADR OTCQB: HLSPY Cusip: 423281104)) Founded in 2006 and specializing in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and greenhouse cultivation. Heliospectra products are based on in-depth knowledge in plant physiology and photosynthesis along with a unique way to utilize modern LED technology. After six years of development in Sweden, the company has now begun to expand into the international market. The company has raised more than $ 15 million in venture capital and has received more than $2.6 million through academic scholarships and grants. It has also received numerous awards for its forward thinking technology. Principal owners: Industrial Fund,Midroc;,Weland;Wood & Hill Investment


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