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News: May 2014

Heliospectra launches its new generation of intelligent lighting systems

Heliospectra, a world leader in intelligent lighting technologies for plant research and greenhouse cultivation, is set to launch its new generation of intelligent lighting systems.

The patented LX60 system is more effective, more energy-efficient and less expensive than previous products. Heliospectra is now focusing on a dynamic international launch with its improved technology. The company is also planning an initial public offering on the Nasdaq OMX First North market in June 2014 and an underwritten issue of new shares worth SEK 22.65 million.

Heliospectra began developing its LX60, which is based on its predecessor the L4A, in the autumn of 2013. The new system will be available in the market later this spring. “We have optimised the technology and made the LX60 more efficient and effective, less expensive and easier to handle than its predecessor, the L4A. Our new product has attracted huge interest and considerable demand,” says Staffan Hillberg, CEO of Heliospectra.

The market price will now fall from about SEK 49,000 to about SEK 14,000. The LX 60 generates almost 50 per cent more light for the plants than its predecessor and weighs 8 kilos instead of 13. The LX60 will be on sale from the end of May 2014.

Heliospectra’s business concept is to develop and sell efficient lighting systems that enable growers to effectively control the quality and growth of the plants. Heliospectra was founded in 2006 and is today a leading international company in the optimisation of plant performance in greenhouse environments.
“We are now entering a very exciting phase in our development with the imminent launch of our first high- volume product for commercial greenhouses, the LX60, which has unique features compared to the products and systems that are currently available in the market.”

Earlier this spring, Heliospectra’s Board made the decision to issue new shares and to float on the Nasdaq OMX First North market. “We will be making an underwritten offering of new shares worth SEK 22,65 million in connection with the flotation. New resources and broader ownership are key ingredients in this phase and the international launch that we are about to kick off,” says Staffan Hillberg.

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Heliospectra was founded in 2006 and specialises in intelligent lighting technologies for plant research and greenhouse cultivation. Heliospectra’s products are based on a deep knowledge of plant physiology and photosynthesis combined with a unique way of using state-of-the-art LED technology. After six years of development in Sweden, the company is now venturing into the international marketplace. The company has raised more than 4.48 million dollars in risk capital and has received more than 2.6 million dollars through academic scholarships. It has also won several awards for its forward-thinking technology.
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 Industrifonden, Midroc, Weland Stål
 Wood & Hill Investment