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News: February 2014

Oricane introduces BioCAM®

Oricane introduces BioCAM® Big Data Router for Real-Time On-the-Fly Business Intelligence & Analytics

Analysis of business data has been vital for decades but the volumes of data available today are growing on an unprecedented scale. Turning large and complex sets of data into meaningful information can be time and resource consuming, limiting the possibility to act fast. To meet this challenge, Oricane introduces the BioCAM® Big Data Router, designed to deliver real-time on-the-fly data classification, analysis and reporting of high-velocity Big Data flows.

Primarily targeting retail, financial and gaming markets, BioCAM® is capable of classifying and aggregating huge amounts of any kind of high-volume, high-velocity, data from multiple sources. Analysis is performed in real-time and the result is available in a standardized format that can be fed into any reporting system of choice. BioCAM® features ultra low hardware requirements and power consumption at less than 5 mW per transaction per second, which is about 200.000 times less than a Google search, thanks to Oricane’s expertise in high performance and energy efficient solutions for the data communications market.

Traditional Reporting Systems for Retail Market
Most of the reporting systems currently used in the retail market are designed to analyze historical data stored in data warehouses. Data from cash registers at thousands of retail stores spread across different continents, representing sales of up to millions of different products is typically analyzed weekly, or in the best case on a daily basis. Common analysis tools interfacing directly to the data warehouse are limited by its I/O performance, making real-time analysis nearly impossible. However, the transmission of data to the data warehouse is analogous to internet packets sent through a router or a firewall, an area where Oricane has over 15 years of experience.

The BioCAM® Retail Market Solution
In the retail deployment scenario, the BioCAM® service works as a router that eavesdrop the sales data directly from the individual cash registers on its way to the data warehouse, classifies the data and produces continuous reporting of what is going on. The value for the customer is to know what is happening, immediately when it happens. Reporting in real-time enables instant reaction to different events such as micro trends, marketing and campaigns in order to immediately adapt production and supply chain after demand.

BioCAM® Service Properties:

  • Receives data directly from individual cash registers or store gateway
  • Works as a complement to the customers existing report systems
  • Features automatic monitoring and coordination of branches and individual stores
    • Example key metrics: per-store and per-item sales and stock reports
  • Provides a dashboard to monitor business performance, distributed stock levels, and other key metrics in real-time
  • Generates automatic file based reports for optional import to existing report systems
  • Requires little or no integration with existing report systems; a non-intrusive deployment

BioCAM® Customer Benefits:

  • High performance – Reporting in real-time
  • Consistency – Reports to any office for all offices world-wide concurrently
  • Scalability – Grow as you need
  • Minimal administration and low total cost of ownership
    • Standard web-based interfaces
    • Easily integrated with reporting clients (e.g., cash registers)
    • Easy to use dashboard
    • Small initial investment
    • Operates stand-alone or provides file-based reports to existing report systems
  • Green – Resource and energy efficient, Ultra low power consumption

BioCAM® is launched in the spring 2014. Please contact Josefine Åhl at, +46 (0) 70 294 92 95 for an introduction and more information.

To showcase the capability and performance of BioCAM® for retail, Oricane has developed a demo providing reports for a simulated retail store called WhateverMart, Inc., – The Multi-Tera-Dollar Retail Corporation. The demo simulates transactions from more than 1,500 stores geographically distributed across the globe with 15,000 unique products in more than 30 product categories. At peak rate, up to 2,300 customers are purchasing 45,000 individual products each second, representing net sales surpassing 500,000 USD per second.

The sales record for each individual bot is immediately reported to the BioCAM® instance via a HTTP/JSON Web Service interface. The dashboard is implemented as a client side Java Script which retrieves four different business analytics reports every ten seconds from the BioCAM® instance.

Try it out for yourself at !

This is Oricane
Oricane is a Swedish company with unique expertise and widely patented technology, specialized in high end classification algorithms for data communications. Since 2009 Oricane has delivered on a royalty based license contract to a world leading provider of networking and telecommunication equipment, working on a number of different projects spanning over several product generations. Leveraging on more than 15 years of experience from designing high performance and energy efficient solutions for the data communications market, Oricane this year launches BioCAM® – a Big Data Router, designed to deliver real-time on-the-fly data classification, analysis and reporting of high-velocity Big Data flows.

Oricane was founded 2006 by Dr. Mikael Sundström after more than 11 years of computer science research in algorithmic engineering, with focus on time and space efficient algorithms for packet classification and forwarding, two methods for handling Internet traffic in network equipment such as routers and firewalls. 1993 Dr. Sundström started his research within the area in order to develop algorithms with guaranteed fast search performance and guaranteed low memory usage, features that many in the industry thought was impossible to combine. Dr. Sundström succeeded and in 2007 published a doctoral thesis with the title “Time and space efficient algorithms for packet classification and forwarding” and filed the first 6 patents for his research. Today Oricane has been recognized as a global leader in this technical area and core technology is protected by 14 awarded patents.

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