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News: March 2013

Solvatten: Axfood contributing to solar clean water project in Uganda

Axfood, one of the largest food retailers in Scandinavia is investing part of the money earned from the Company’s climate compensation in a solar-powered clean water project in Uganda. Some 1,000 families will gain access to clean water with the help of the Swedish invention Solvatten (”Solar water”). The project is also helping to reduce deforestation while improving the families’ health and economies.

The investment in Solvatten water systems is part of the climate compensation that Axfood accomplishes by reducing business travel by air and through the eco-friendly Garant Såklart product line, covering household cleaning, laundry and body care products.

Åsa Domeij and Petra Wadström, inventor and founder of Solvatten is participating today (22 March) at a seminar arranged by the World Child & Youth Forum at the Royal Swedish Palace. There, she will talk about Axfood’s initiatives under the banner ”Business impact on children’s access to clean water”.

Primozone supplies super-efficient ozone generator for European project improving ozone technology at aquaculture applications

Primozone is one of four equipment suppliers for a European project for improving the efficiency and safety of ozone use in the management of water quality in the aquaculture sector including Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Ozone has a number of advantages when it comes to improving water quality at RAS. At land based fish farms, […]