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News: 2013

Elimination of Methane Slip and Odor Emissions From Biogas Production Plants

Catator has in a recently completed study, SGC report no. 287, demonstrated the potential by catalytic methods to effectively reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and odorous compounds.

The study was performed in connection to different biogas production plants and other processes related to biological systems such as composting and anaerobic digestion as well as wastewater processing. The results show that all organic emissions (including odor) can be reduced with high efficiency.

The study shows that the emissions often involve a relatively limited source strength (concentration) of odor substances. Depending on extremely low odor threshold (<1 ppb), this still can cause symptoms within a large radius of the release site. This means, in addition to health and safety problems for people working on the plants, also inconvenience for local residents. Both demonstration units (MRO-500 and DEO-100) have been evaluated in collaboration with different partners in the project and for an extended period of time (>1000 hr) at two different test sites. The performance was followed by total VOC analysis (FID equipment) and by odor tests on collected gasbags with an odor panel.

Results from odor intensity test on sex different test sites with a DEO-100 unit. The test is performed by an odor panel (> 10 persons) as a “blind-test” on three different unmarked gas-bags containing untreated gas (IN), treated gas (OUT) and reference gas (REF, office air).

Bioptech joins Cleantech Inn Sweden

Phosphorus is essential to life on earth – plants, humans and animals need phosphorus to grow. However, it is a finite resource and causes eutrophication when spread in water streams. Bioptech offers an active filter to collect this finite resource from wastewater and recycle it as fertiliser, closing the phosphorus cycle and reducing eutrophication. Our […]

Primozone chosen to deliver ozone solution for wastewater reuse in Saudi Arabia

In competition with leading ozone providers, Primozone has been awarded the ozone part of an industrial waste water treatment & reuse solution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The contractor of the complete water treatment solution is Veolia Water in Riyadh. Veolia Water chose Primozone in competition with other leading ozone providers on the market. […]

Sorubin appoints new CEO

Sorubin is stepping up sales and marketing and has appointed Lars Engnell Lamhauge as new CEO. Mr. Lamhauge was previously Product Manager at Tobii Technology AB and prior to that Area Manager, Nordic Countries at Nordic Bioscience A/S. Sorubins founder and main owner, Stefan Sandström, leaves the role as CEO to focus on Sorubins joint […]

Recyctec receives grant from Vinnova

VINNOVA – the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, grants Recyctec 250 000 SEK for the project “Recycling of used swedish propylene glycol” in response to a call for proposals for environmental technology testbeds.

Nexam Chemical receives a high-temp resin order

Nexam Chemical has received an order for a high-temperature resin from the Clean Sky project consortium, where Rolls Royce Jet Engines and Swerea SiComp are customers. The resin to be manufactured is a polyimide resin containing Nexam’s NEXIMID 100 (PEPA) and NEXIMID 400 (EBPA) cross-linkers and is intended for use in composites aimed at the […]

Limerick Institute of Technology – CELLS lab chooses Heliospectra

Marie Curie Fellow and Professor at LIT, Gary Stutte, recently installed two of Heliospectra’s award winning intelligent LED light systems at the Controlled Environment Laboratory for Life Sciences (CELLS).  Receiving the systems comes on foot of the recent success of another research project led by LIT. LIT and Professor Gary Stutte pulled off a major international coup […]

Applied Nano Surfaces Opens New Sales Offices in Germany and the USA

As a part of a global expansion plan, Applied Nano Surfaces (ANS) has opened new sales offices in Germany and in the USA. Andreas Storz is the new representative in Germany and from the office in Düsseldorf he will help ANS to develop and support existing customer projects on the German market, as well as […]

Minesto Deep Green is now producing power in Northern Ireland

Minesto’s step-change marine power plant now producing electricity in Northern Ireland proving viability for huge ocean current power market The Deep Green ‘underwater kite’ marine power plant is now producing electricity in the waters off Northern Ireland. This is the first time ever a marine power plant designed for low velocity currents produces electricity at […]

Chargestorm provides Volvo C30 Electric with powerful portable charging

Chargestorm and Volvo Car Group have jointly developed the worlds most powerful portable charging box. With a commonly available standard 3-phase power outlet, the charging box delivers 20 km of driving in just 10 minutes. The new Volvo C30 Electric is equipped with an impressive 20 kW onboard charger that when connected to a high […]